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About Social Trading

A new generation of forex CRM, client cabinet and back office software. State-


Why Social Trading?

One of the central aspirations of Forex CRM has persistently been serving the Forex business holder with the latest Forex technology. In that legacy, Multi-account trader or PAMM/MAM is the newest addition into our CRM solution. PAMM/MAM solution module has been relatively prepared for the brokerages for supporting their respective traders to run multiple MT4/MT5 in social trading. You can tailor this solution for traders & commence the boosting process resulting in massive clients’ rush.


How It Works ?

Initially the trader gets to sign up his/her PAMM account as a manager for handling the trade.
The investor chooses a preferred manager from a list based on their market profile & other profit-driven criteria. Then it involves that bondholder to invest an exact amount on respective PAMM account.
The manager proceeds to trade from his/her PAMM account using the personal capital & funding from the investor. If the procedure brings profit, the PAMM account fund will grow substantially. The volume of profit gets distributed between the investor & manager corresponding to their original contributions. ...

This entire procedure suffices the urgency of PAMM/MAM social trading for triggering a robust development in the brokerage business. Forex CRM MT4/MT5 trading platform integrates this allocation tool where the shareholders can review & sort out the potential PAMM & MAM account holder based on their profile age, profit drawing capability & placed orders.

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Admin Portal

The administrator can track account status, details information of the fund managers & investors from this panel. The 'MANAGER’ section delivers informative data regarding account age, overall profit, leverage, etc. Subsequently, the number of investors that are associated with that particular money manager also gets represented with a relevant summary of fixed orders, commission statistics & much more. For the investor accounts details, the controller needs to navigate the “INVESTORS” section. The details info presents useful accomplishments for PAMM/MAM social trading. Your administrator can likewise find out comprehensive numerical data regarding live orders, trade reports & commission history.


Client Portal

The traders under your brokerage get to maintain investment accounts if they sign up as manager. On the other hand, that trader owns the capacity to carry out as an investor. If gets convinced after comprehensive scrutiny from the managers’ list, the investor will select a manager for investment.

Key Benefits

Once you install the PAMM/MAM module attached to our CRM tech solution, your Forex business will head towards robust prosperity. Let’s find out some favorable factors right from the below.


White Label Functionality

Forex CRM PAMM/MAM solution is absolutely suitable for any MT4/MT5 white label licensee. We have consolidated this solution both in administrative & client panel for flexible account managing.


Performance Assessment

This module will aid the investor while conducting a search for a money manager for finance. There are sufficient graphical depictions of trading activities & profit earnings against each manager profile. Definitely those vivid statistics going to simplify the investor’s task for carrying out the selection process.


Highly efficient setup

Our PAMM/MAM module has been built with a full compatibility feature for brokerage arrangements. The solution will assure complete integration with the MT4/MT5 trading platform flawlessly. Your traders can perform a weighted amount of trading operations with no disturbance or interference while running this PAMM/MAM solution.


Extensive client flow

Forex CRM PAMM/MAM feature delivers a win-win condition both for shareholders & managers. As our set-up appears with a smart payment gateway structure, the investor & manager can manage all monetary affairs with total flexibility. In essence, your brokerage farm can draw attention to a gigantic volume of traders just by offering this technical resource.

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