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Every component of our CRM system is developed for the need of a Forex broker.

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A dashboard that gives you a glance at your brokerage with all the info you need.

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Increase performance with automation tools & save time for more efficiency.

About CopyTrading

A new generation of forex CRM, client cabinet and back office software. State-


Why Social Trading?

FOREXCRM facilitates its buyers with a flawless copy trading facility where the traders (both existing & fresher) can employ their investment without any hesitancy. There’s no doubt your brokerage will make a surge of client flow through this opportunity backed by the FOREXCRM’s forex remote trade copier platform. This is where FOREXCRM trading opens up a window for those traders who are almost fresh & seeking to participate with limited or zero trading experience in the Forex market.


How It Works ?

Remote trade copier authorizes the newbies to copy plans, sequences from an existing Forex expert or strategy manager & carry them out while breaking a trade. Providing a remote copy trader functionality brings forth a massive load of clients’ flow into the brokerage business. If you opt for rapid business growth & keep your clients happy as well, you should definitely sign up to expedite this feature into the brokerage system.
A remote trade copier to copy trade remotely between multiple accounts at different locations over the internet.


Significant Features

* Work with any MT4/MT5 brokers.

* No VPS, PC to run 24/7. You save costs!

* No need for software installation, updates & maintenance.

* Work with an unlimited number of master and slave accounts.

* Work with all types of orders.

* Remote trade copier with unlimited accounts.

* Accessible from every platform.

* Your clients can monitor and set Master and Slave accounts.

* Clients can copy trade remotely.

* Everything works in FOREXCRM's Cloud!


Are your clients a pro?

Create an opportunity for your copy traders to diversify across a successful trader to avoid uncertain huge losses. Thus, it can help to offset the risk that is intrinsic to leveraged trading. The meta trader trade copier platform at FOREXCRM is much advanced. FOREXCRM has worked hard to make the remote copy trading functions to fit the needs of both new and experienced traders alike. There are a number of Brokers who offer copy trading functionality & more and more are starting to offer this feature to flourish the potentiality of their business.

Key Benefits

Once you install the PAMM/MAM module attached to our CRM tech solution, your Forex business will head towards robust prosperity. Let’s find out some favorable factors right from the below.


Good Way to Get Started

Trading can be very profitable and it’s a lot of fun. Copy Trading is the best way to get into trading. It will definitely help your clients to reduce some of the risks associated with trading at first.



Manual trading may lead the newbie clients to despair. Forget those commercials that tell you that you can work 2 hours a day doing day trading. The reality is one needs to spend a lot of time digesting economic news and studying charts. Therefore, where one is doing the all job via remote trade copier & saves the time of others.



The best way to learn about forex trading is by starting forex trading. But the downside of doing this is your new clients may probably lose their money as most new traders do. By copy trading, they'll still be trading, but they'll be helped by someone who has way more experience than them.



Copy Trading is a great method to diversify the portfolio. Clients can copy trade multiple traders & in doing so their account could be making thousands of trades each month. Trying to do this level of trading on their own would be impossible. So even if they're an experienced trader, copy trading still the best way to diversify funds.


Investing with Copy Trading

There are two types of traders. First types, who actually trades with their long experience in their pocket. The second type, who wants to learn or tries to earn fortunes by avoiding risk as much as possible; instead of trading they simply invest. This is where remote copy trading makes a bridge between investor & trader and creates investment opportunities.

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