Copy-trading opens up a window for those traders who are almost fresh & seeking to participate with limited or zero trading experience in the Forex market. It authorizes the newbies to copy plans, sequences from an existing Forex expert or strategy manager & carry them out while breaking a trade. Providing a copy trader functionality brings forth a massive load of clients’ flow into the brokerage business. If you opt for rapid business growth & keep your clients happy as well, you should definitely sign up to expedite this feature into the brokerage system.

How Does A Trade Copier Run?

The operational principle of a trade copier system can be arranged under two distinct segments; one point is SERVER EA & another one is CLIENT EA. The SERVER EA is mapped to perform as a master account since the CLIENT EA represents the client account.

The traders can apply the trade copier for local & remote trading. The local trade copier software has to be installed in the same device or VPS system where two MT4/MT5 trading accounts run simultaneously. For remote copying, the accounts will be functioning trade from different computers or devices.

Forex CRM facilitates its buyers with a flawless copy trading facility where the traders (both existing & fresher) can employ their investment without any hesitancy. There’s no doubt your brokerage will make a surge of client flow through this opportunity backed by Forex CRM platform.

Standard Procedures to Attend for Copy Trading

  • Initially the trader needs to install multiple MT4/MT5 accounts under a brokerage solution scheme.
  • After a successful login into created accounts a trade copier software has to be installed to continue the copying process for the slave accounts.
  • If required, the trader can set position size ratios & initial settings of the copier beforehand.
  • Then it’s just a matter of placing respective orders & the slave accounts will pursue with the method.

Key Beneficiary Aspects

  • This social trading feature has been precisely constructed to support brokerage systems where they can bring about an extensive number of clients easily. You can construct a profitable environment for experienced traders as well as the new ones. Expert traders will be assisting the inexperienced traders to secure a solid profit-earning efficiency.

  • Forex CRM ensures a convenient approach for traders into selecting master traders. Those trading accounts will be revealing useful informative knowledge on trading history, commission figures, profit factor & much more. So it would be a lot easier for a trader to select a strategy to replicate.

  • As there’s no limitation of depositing amount, traders can invest as much as they want & get benefitted from this awesome social trading tool.

  • Traders owns the liberty to simulate from an unlimited source of master accounts under this social trading feature. If any adjustment required; like halting the copy operation or replacing the selected master account; then it can be implemented right away.