Being a corporate & tech solution provider to brokers, we provide a 100% optimized admin panel matching to Forex business design. This system facilitates the broker to ensure greater assistance to traders & affiliates.  Once a client or associate gets assigned, this solution can keep records of their transactional activities and run custom management operations, verification with precise performance appraisal.

Key Attributes

Client managing

Simple & user-conforming features where you can check compliance while adding & register new clients. There are more options available to adjust their account status subsequently.

Report generation

Forex CRM back office comes with multiple reports drawing facilities for commercial matters, trading history & earned profits tied to a particular trader or affiliate.

Transactional report

Check the dividend flow & internal transfers with 100% efficiency. Every single transaction, no matter in or out will be filled with minute details under this action.

Campaign management

Enough options to stretch your marketing strategies & carry them out in a decisive style. There’s room for lead generation, contest running & bulk emailing facility to deliver with sustainable business expansion.

Simple configuration

The user can bring change & configure the solution likewise. Imposing limitations on accounts or modifying the added information comes handy through Forex CRM back-office.

Smart ticketing

Introduces a multifunctional support structure where the broker admin gets proper reactions from the client & act spontaneously to settle the raised issues. This method will indicate a stronger adherence to your clients & send a user-oriented impression to larger trading communities.


Forex CRM solution exposes you to sets of professional benefits triggering a formidable presence in this sector. Our back-office portal occupies a great deal of contribution to preserve this position.

  • We have designed & arranged this operation in such resilience that you can grow a results-driven scheme for your Forex business. The overall client management process & social trading couldn’t be more direct & easy going without such an executive tool.
  • The back-office platform assists the admin to sort out the legitimate traders, IBs/partners & manages their level of engagement flawlessly.
  • Proper integration of the meta-trader platform unfolds plenty of business potentiality. This design allows you to evaluate clients’ trading information covering customer equity, transaction & risk interpretation.
  • An excellent platform that makes user experience flexible. As it supports all browsers, device & screen size; you can steer through various back-office features & implement them with absolute comfort.

The finest approach to capture a realistic idea about this product before the selection is to access it through a demo account version. Here are some exclusive functionalities you will acquaint after signing up.

  • -Integrated PAMM/MAM.
  • -Best payment gateway solution.
  • -Fruitful contest management & much more.