Forex CRM aims to present powerful technologies to our clients so that they can earn a competitive edge & produce the latest features to potential traders. MT4/MT5 API manager is a recent inclusion in our CRM tech solution facilities. It occupies the technical competence to simplify Forex trading accompanied by a remarkable success rate.

MT4/MT5 API management system facilitates the forex trader with immediate trading info relevant to the Forex market. This solution delivers technical aid in algorithmic trading & diminish the currency risk as well. Being a scalable electronic communication protocol, it validates the trader to approach real-time historical, referential & streamlined data flawlessly.

What Are the Evident Reasons to Initiate Meta-Trader API Manager?

The necessity to enforce this connectivity feature gets triggered when a trader considers these following technical prospects.

  • The need of conducting & controlling multiple trading functions with associated tasks.
  • To carry out high magnitude strategies while setting an order.
  • To set a stable communication bridge between a trader & forex liquidity provider.

Forex CRM MT4/MT5 Manager API

Most of the brokers do not possess the technical expertise to regulate individual meta-trader API system for their clients. Forex CRM hands this potential solution to Forex brokers along with CRM technology at a cost-efficient price.

The exquisite connectivity feature we support through our well-documented API system can transmit a comprehensive volume of functionality to the respective meta-trader platform. This application can link up to MT4/MT5 servers & portrays all technical components, trade-related information into your Admin section. It facilitates:

  • Trading Report accumulation.
  • Effective plugins management.
  • Real-time graphical data representation.
  • Internal risk assessment.
  • Trading contest management.
  • Third-party CRM integration.
  • Bulk email system.


Forex CRM acknowledges the rising demands of standard Forex API solutions to safeguard an absolute competitive edge into the Forex business. Let’s get accustomed to some positive aspects of this tool.

Profitable connectivity:

As this solution builds a smooth bridge with multiple liquidity providers, the traders will gain access to pre-trade information like market intensity, order flow & much further with great dexterity.

Flawless management:

Improves the overall A-Book & B-Book traders’ handling strategy. Modifications of the order schedule, data feed management also appear handy through our API technology. In supplement, the risk control framework will get high functionality after introducing this connectivity tool.

Extensive data-driven strategy:

We have strengthened our meta-trader API system to aggregate big chunks of inputs from multiple MT4/MT5 servers. The traders will receive analyzed data including historical & real-time trading pictures. They can take advantage of that accumulated information to evaluate the trading algorithms & apply effectively in the Forex market.

Supports different orders:

Traders will be expedited through multiple order execution criteria under this operation. This API manager can accommodate the limit order system (direct execution on favorable price), cost development policy & market order with the feasible estimate ratio.

Performance booster:

You can make your platforms available with Forex CRM MT4/MT5 API manager for its high-quality technical aspects. Our professional team members have designed this operational interface for delivering a high-frequency trading atmosphere. These facilities ultimately raise the trade execution speed as additional layers get removed in the first place.